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Colorful Elastic Self Adherent Pet Cohesive Bandage

  • DC660021

Product Description

Elastic Self Adherent Pet Cohesive Bandage

The cohesive sports bandage is made of non woven with self-adhesive glue.

Suitable for tissue support, controlled compression, and securing applications.

Can be used for exerting pressure to wounds to stop bleeding.



1. Hypoallergenic.

2. Great stretching ability.

3. The porous texture of the bandage is air permeable and feels comfortable.

4. The special glue coating sticks only to itself, not to skin or hair.

5. Easy to tear laterally by hand.

6. Waterproof.

7. Individually wrapped.

8. Available in cotton or non woven material.

8. The adherent bandage could be latex free or contain latex.

9. Available in various colors and sizes.

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cohesive tape (8)

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