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How does support work

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These supports protect our knees from the trauma that occurs during impact. They can also protect our knees from injuries caused by overuse. Many experimental data prove that good support can reduce damage to the knee joint by up to 50% or more. In addition to this, it helps to keep us warm, absorb sweat, and so on, so do you know how it works?

Here is the content list:

•When the knee joint is not injured

•After a knee injury

•Putting pressure on the knee

•Knee warming

When the knee joint is not injured

The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet, with the meniscus in the middle and the patella in front. The patella is stretched by two muscles and is suspended before the leg bones meet and slide very easily. In normal life, the patella can move normally in a small way in the knee area as it is not affected by external forces and there is no strenuous exercise. Due to the excessive pressure exerted on the knee by exercise and the generally high amplitude of movement, without support the patella can easily be pulled away from its original position, leading to knee joint disorders. Support keeps the patella in a relatively stable position to ensure that the joint is not easily damaged.

After a knee injury

The above describes the protective effect of support when the knee is not injured. After a knee injury, the use of heavy braking support to reduce knee flexion and maintain a straight line from thigh to calf reduces knee flexion and thus protects the knee from further aggravation.

Putting pressure on the knee

The support fits around the knee to stabilize the knee during exercise and to guide the quadriceps contraction and improve the use of the quadriceps to reduce knee pain. Our knee pads are very effective in spreading the pressure on the knee and reducing the likelihood of sports injuries.

Knee warming

The knee joint is fragile in winter, so we can keep it warm with support. Using cotton and soft supports will ensure proper blood circulation to the knee, fight rheumatism and arthritis, and prevent falls. Fine-textured, soft support will have better wrap warming properties. The support is worn by elderly people in winter to protect their knees from arthritis and can be worn for a long time to prevent rheumatism in the knee.

Support can keep us in good shape. This is especially important for athletes and people working in the construction industry, who do a lot of basic work. Supports help us to reduce the pain in our knees so we can spend more time getting the job done without feeling stressed. They also make it easier and safer for us and athletes to perform sports that put a lot of pressure on the knee, such as mountain climbing, jumping, etc. If you need support and Sports Bandages, you can consider our cost-effective products. Suzhou DoCare Co., Ltd. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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