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What are the types of gauze swabs?

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Whether in a medical environment such as a hospital or clinic, or your own home, medical gauze swabs are a very important hygiene product, so do you know the different classifications and precautions for the use of this product? Here is a brief introduction.

Here is the content list:

l Classification

l Precautions


Traditional Gauze swab

Traditional gauze swabs are made of medium-coarse cotton yarn with large mesh and a sparse structure. After refining and degreasing, it has good moisture absorption and moisture-proof performance. Traditional gauze swabs are strictly sterilized by high temperature and pressure and are suitable for medical bandages or as a base material for other materials.

Elastic bandage gauze swab

The elastic bandage gauze swab is made of gauze made of strongly twisted cotton yarn or spandex cotton core yarn arranged in the left and right direction, and coarse single yarn as weft yarn, woven in plain weave. The elongation of this medical gauze swab can reach 50%, so it has a certain effect of stopping bleeding and removing stasis.

Gauze swab for trauma (or non adherent pad)

Cellulose acetate is added to acetic anhydride, esterified with a small amount of sulfuric acid, and spun into cellulose diacetate fiber. This medical gauze swab is white, soft, fluffy, safe, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-irritating to the skin.

Non-woven gauze swab

This medical gauze swab blank adopts the water net stabbing solidification method and is used after bleaching and disinfection.

Compound nonwoven gauze swab

The compound nonwoven gauze swab is made of cotton net and synthetic fiber net layer after pressure compounding. The mesh diameter of the synthetic fiber net is 0.1-3 mm, and the corrugation is formed by hot rolling to increase the longitudinal elasticity.


Before use, the injured area and the surrounding skin should be disinfected and cleaned and dried, then go to apply ointment, put on the disinfected medical gauze swab, and then use medical tape to fix the gauze swab.

The production process of medical gauze pads is very strict, from the selection of materials to processing to packaging, there are strict procedures. However, there are many manufacturers of gauze swabs on the market, and the quality of the product varies, so we should strictly follow the product instructions and precautions when choosing to use them.

Medical supplies and food, when used to check whether the packaging is sealed intact, production date, expiration date to confirm clear, expired is never to use in addition. Medical gauze should not be reused because it is not dirty, it is a single-use medical supply, to prevent the spread of bacteria, but also for the user's safety, please avoid reuse.

There is also to protect our living environment, medical gauze pad and other medical waste should be specially disposed of, cannot be thrown everywhere, the hospital and environmental protection department have relevant clear regulations, follow the implementation.

To dry medical gauze swab's usual storage, we should choose a dry and ventilated environment, no irritating pollution gas, and as far away from is combustible and easy to catch fire area.

Through the medical gauze swab and Sports Bandages classification and some introduction of precautions, I believe that many people again when using medical gauze, will pay more attention to safety and health issues.

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