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What is a support made of

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The knees are part of our body and provide support for most of our weight. They help us to move, exercise, and perform everyday activities. Unfortunately, knee injuries are a common occurrence, so whether we play professional sports or regularly do other activities that put a lot of stress on our knees, it is essential to protect them properly with support. Do you know what material support is made of?

Here is the content list:

•Neoprene material support

•Support made of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon

•Support made mainly of cotton

Neoprene material support

Our Neoprene material support is made of a high-quality neoprene material that is covered with an elastic fabric. The neoprene support provides firm and comfortable compression for muscles and joints, which can help us to relieve discomfort and reduce the chances of re-injury.

The neoprene support keeps us warm and increases blood circulation, which will facilitate recovery from injury, and its unique design allows us to perform a full range of activities with optimum support. Importantly, the breathability of the support made from this material is excellent and will not make us feel stuffy and prevent us from feeling discomfort while exercising.

Support made of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon

This support is made of a chemically synthesized material made of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon, which is resistant to stretching, tough, comfortable to the touch, and breathable. The elastic material is used to support our knees and some of them are equipped with auxiliary Velcro fasteners to apply pressure and fixation, which improves the stability of our joints and muscles and keeps them in the right range of stress, protecting them from damage due to strenuous movements or large stretches during exercise. In addition, it protects our knees from the cold wind during cold weather, thus keeping them warm.

Support made mainly of cotton

There are many advantages of supports made of mostly cotton, for example, cotton fibers have a good moisture absorption, under normal conditions the fibers can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere with a water content of 8-10%, so this support touches the human skin and makes it feel soft and not stiff. It can absorb the sweat produced by our exercise very well. Thermal insulation is very good because cotton fibers are a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the coefficient of heat transfer is extremely low, and because cotton fibers themselves have the advantage of high porous elasticity, between the fibers can accumulate a lot of air, air and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so this support has good thermal insulation. Good heat resistance, in normal use of this support, will only cause the evaporation of water on the fabric, will not damage the fibers, so the support of this material support the durability is very good.

These are the common materials used in the production of supports, and we can choose the right material for our support according to our needs. If you need support and Sports Bandages , you can consider our cost-effective products. Suzhou DoCare Co., Ltd. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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