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What is the function of support

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Support is an item that is used to protect people's joints (e.g. knees, wrists). They are used for sports protection, cold protection, and joint care. It is divided into sports support and health support . It is suitable for athletes, students, middle-aged and elderly people, and people with knee diseases. Do you know what the function of support is?

Here is the content list:

•Thermal insulation


•Sweat absorption

Thermal insulation

Insulation is very important for our knees, so we need support . The knee part of our body is very susceptible to cold and many knee conditions are associated with cold knees. Especially in areas where it is easy to get wind, the wind in winter is very cold and harsh, our leg muscles feel heat because they are moving all the time, whereas the knees do not feel heat because there is no muscle movement. When people feel comfortable with the heat in their legs, their knees are getting cold. This is where the thermal effect of the support comes into play if we are wearing it.


Support is used to prevent sports injuries and to assist with exercise after an injury. The knee joint is most susceptible to two types of injury: ligament and cartilage injuries. Ligament injuries can cause swelling, pain, and muscle spasms. A ligament injury is when the connection between the bones goes wrong and we get a feeling of instability in the knee. There are two types of cartilage injuries, a meniscal tear, and patellar tenderness. When the knee twists rapidly, the meniscus can be damaged by strong pressure, leading to damage and inflammation of the meniscus and meniscal tears. The patella is the bone that protrudes from the knee. Excessive wear and tear and abnormal joint twisting during sports can damage the patellar cartilage and eventually lead to patellar tenderness. Many injuries to the knee ligaments, meniscus, and patella are the result of abnormal twisting or unstable trajectory of the lower leg tibia. The average amateur athlete, general exerciser, and especially those with a history of injury or who are overweight, may choose to wear a support exercise. The principle of the elastic support is to apply a certain amount of pressure to the joint to ensure that the trajectory of the joint is stable. At the same time, the support protects the joint in the event of abnormal twisting and hyperextension of the knee.

Sweat absorption

The stretchy and comfortable support is made from a high level of sweat-absorbing material that absorbs sweat and protects your skin. The elastic support absorbs sweat and dries quickly without leaving your skin feeling uncomfortable. The breathability of our support is excellent and protects your skin from sweat and stifling heat. It is a non-slip, anti-odor cotton material that not only allows you to stay effortlessly stylish but also takes into account the safety of your workout.

These are the general features that are support , do you understand them now? If you need support and Sports Bandages , you can consider our cost-effective products. Suzhou DoCare Co., Ltd. are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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