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Cheap Retail Non Woven Cohesive Bandage with Display Box

  • DC660045


Product Description

Assorted Elastic Sports Fitness Cohesive Bandage

  • Size:

    2.5 cm x 4.5M

    5 cm x 4.5M

    7.5cm x 4.5M

    10cm x 4.5M

  • Non Woven Material:


    Comfortable to wear.

    Safe for skin.

  • Self Adhesive Design:

    With self-adhering feature, the tape can stay in place all day and will not easily come loose by sweat or water.

    It is designed only to stick to itself, not to skin, clothing or hair.

    No more struggles when pulling off bandages!

    Really convenient for humans and pets.

  • Easy to Use:

    It's easy to work with, has excellent adhesion, and can be torn by hand without scissors at whatever length you need.

    Easy for you to wrap or change bandages.

    Practical and easy to carry, good to have some handy.


    Provides support, protection and bandage security.

    Conforms around contours that are difficult to bandage.

  • Wide Application:

    The adhesive wrap bandages can provide ideal support and protection.

    Can wrap it anywhere as a regular sport tape, wrist wraps, ankle bandage, or an injury athletic tape.

    Ideal for your lovely pets as wrapping bandages.

cohesive bandage (1)cohesive bandage (2)cohesive bandage (3)cohesive bandage (4)

cohesive bandage (5)

cohesive bandage (6)

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