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What is the function of support
Support is an item that is used to protect people's joints (e.g. knees, wrists). They are used for sports protection, cold protection, and joint care. It is divided into sports support and health support . It is suitable for athletes, students, middle-aged and elderly people, and people with knee di
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What is a support made of
The knees are part of our body and provide support for most of our weight. They help us to move, exercise, and perform everyday activities. Unfortunately, knee injuries are a common occurrence, so whether we play professional sports or regularly do other activities that put a lot of stress on our kn
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What group of people is the support suitable for
The common role of the patella is that of a sports protector or brake. When doing strenuous exercise, the patella can easily be pulled out of its original position, so the support acts as a fixation and protection against diseases in the knee joint area. They are used in everyday life mainly for hea
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What are the types of pill boxes?
Business trip medicine box is also necessary for the body is the capital of the revolution on common minor injuries and illnesses to be prepared for common drugs band-aids, motion sickness, cold and flu medicine and other personal common private drugs this should be more attentive with a portable pi
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What are the uses of gauze swabs?
Medical gauze swab is skimmed gauze swab, which is processed from cotton, spun and woven into plain cotton, then skimmed, bleached, and refined into skimmed gauze swab for medical use. Medical gauze swab products are generally available in folded and rolled forms. Next is an introduction to the use
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