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Customizable PVC Reusable Instant Hot Pack for Injuries


Product Description




160g, 21 x 14 cm


200g, 22 x 14 cm

Using instant hot pack, you need to squeeze the inner bag with your hands to make the filler react and release its heat. The pack has high heating speed and can give out heat continuously for 30 minutes. This product can be heated to 43 degrees, and its small size makes it very suitable for carrying and using. This product id a disposable care supplies, and it is non-toxic to the human body.

Product Application
(1) this product can treat gastrointestinal symptoms, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms caused by cold.
(2) this product is suitable for relieving dysmenorrhea and postpartum abdomen curl.
(3) the product can disperse blood stasis during the recovery period.
(4) It can be used for warming at low temperatures indoors.

Matters Need Attention
1) the product is for single use and should be discarded immediately after use. Please do not try to reheat it.
2) this product is only suitable for external use.
3) this product is not edible.

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