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Reusable Recyclable Safe Gel Hot and Cold Pack for Injuries


Product Description




Material: PVC/Silk fabric, Weight: 160g, Size:20×10.5cm


Material: PVC/Silk fabric, Weight: 160g, Size: 20×10.5cm, Round corners


Material: PVC/Silk fabric, Weight: 830g, Size: 41×29cm, For shoulders


Material: PE/Nylon foil, Weight: 160g, Size: 25×11cm


Material: PE/Nylon foil, Weight: 260g, Size: 17×17cm


Material: PVC, Weight: 70g, Diameter: 10cm


Material: PVC, Weight: 120g; Bear shape, Size: 16×11.5cm

Cold & Hot Packs can be used for both cold compress and hot compress. 

After being frozen in refrigerators, it can be used for cold compress, and it can be used for hot compress after being heated in a microwave oven. 

The product is recyclable and non-toxic, and we have a variety of sizes for choosing.

Cold Compress
1. processing mode
Just put the pack in the fridge for one hour before using it.

2. Matters needing attention
Cold compress can reduce partial and even body temperature and gradually constrict blood vessels to avoid bleeding, bruising, swelling and other symptoms. 

This method can be used to deal with sprains, inflammation, muscle spasms and edema during exercise.

Hot Compress
1. processing mode
When using the hot compress bag, heat the bag in the microwave oven for 30 seconds at medium power until the temperature reaches the corresponding level. 

In addition, there is a simpler way to use it. 

Just use suitable amount of hot water of 80-90℃ to heat the pack for 3-5 minutes.

2. Matters needing attention
Hot compress can increase body temperature, promote local blood circulation and increase body metabolic rate. 

However, as the pack will directly contact user’s skin, it should be noted that the temperature of hot compress should not be too high.

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