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Waterproof Physio Elastic Hypoallergenic Precut Kinesiology Tape

  • DC660071

Product Description

Waterproof Physio Elastic Hypoallergenic Precut Kinesiology Tape


  • Ready-to-use precut strips are perfect for tape applications.

    No need for messy cutting with long, uncut rolls of tape.

    The precut rounded corners help avoid frays.

    Kinesiology Tapes BOOSTS your skin away from muscles.

    Increase the blood circulation, provide fast and effective pain suppression and relief, joint protection, fatigue reduction.

    Support for muscles, ligaments and tendons aches and injuries.


    Kinesiotape Tape is made from 95% Cotton 5% Spandex thin fabric.

    Porous fabric makes skin breathe better beneath the tape, moisture-wicking,humidity resistance.

    Lightweight and comfortable, provides both support & mobility and based on athletic tape standard to help you get through Weightlifting, rock climbing, judo, football, volleyball, gymnastics, baseball, hockey.


    The fabric is backed with an adhesive made from a hypoallergenic, medical-grade acrylic that is flexible, comfortable and non-irritating to most skin types.

    The tape is latex-free and does not contain any medications or topical ingredients.

    IDEAL injury prone areas such as Knee, Shoulders, Achilles, Shin Splints, Rotator Cuff, ITB, Quads, Hamstrings, Lower and Upper Back, Neck and Much More.

  • How to USE

    Kinesiology tape is water resistant, yet breathable, allowing it to be worn for exercise, showering, or swimming.

    It dries quickly and seldom causes skin irritation.

    When properly applied, most kinesiology tape applications will last from 3-5 days.

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