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Waterproof Strapping Muscle Kinesiology Tape for Athletes

Relieves and supports muscles in movement Super elasticity over 170% Lasts up to 1 week's wear Waterproof

Product Description

1. Waterproof Muscle Tape

2. Rayon Tape

3. Elastic Adhesive Bandage

4. Adhesive Cotton Sports Tape

5. Cohesive Sports Bandage

6. Non-Woven Cohesive Bandage

Waterproof Muscle Tape

Muscle tape is also called Kinesiology tape, kinesio tape, physiotape, and k-tape. It is wildly used for different kinds of physiotherapy, sports protection and performance promoting. It reliefs the pains and tumidness, relax the overused or tensile muscles, reactivate weal muscles.


Traditional kinesiology tape covers the wounded area quite tightly. However the improved tapes are used for areas near to the muscles and joints. In this way, the bandage can effectively protect the wounds, and provide a complete and painless moving range. And then the athletes can recover from the injuries and go on taking exercise and matches.


The most famous physiotape is the kinesio tape developed in the 1970s. After the comprehensive usage during the Olympic Games in 2008, it becomes more and more popular. Some other manufacturers have also launched some products like Rock Tape, Strength Tape, Spider Tech, KT Tape and PerformTex.


All the tapes were in rolls and only in 4 colors before. They were only used for professional physiotherapy and sports protection. But now the tapes come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. They have become quite popular with young people as the domestic health care products are also available. Different shaped tapes can fit for different parts such as shoulders, elbows, ankles, etc..


1. Mildly waterproof.

2. Adhesiveness can last 3-7 days.

3. Thin and elastic.

4. Material: Cotton or Nylon. Cotton type only has good resilience along the longitude direction, while nylon type has great resilience along both the longitude and transverse directions.

5. Shape: Different shapes to fit different body parts, like shoulder, elbow, ankles, etc.

6. Color: Over 16 colors available.


1. Sports protection, providing joints, muscles, and tendons with effective support and protection.

2. Promoting the circulation of blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid.

3. Relieving the pains in joints and muscles.

4. Relieving the strain and spasm of muscles.

ltem No.SizeDetails
SMD-3101012.5cm X 5mCotton Material
SMD-3101025.0cm X 5mCotton Material
SMD-3101037.5cm X 5mCotton Material
SMD-3101112.5cm X 5mSynthetic Material
SMD-3101125.0cm X 5mSynthetic Material
SMD-3101137.5cmX 5mSynthetic Material

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