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What are the uses of gauze swabs?

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Medical gauze swab is skimmed gauze swab, which is processed from cotton, spun and woven into plain cotton, then skimmed, bleached, and refined into skimmed gauze swab for medical use. Medical gauze swab products are generally available in folded and rolled forms. Next is an introduction to the use of gauze swabs and the precautions for purchasing them.

Here is the content list:

l Applications

l Notes for purchase


Gauze swab is versatile, it can be used for women's makeup and makeup removal because it is more absorbent, so it can be used to apply makeup to gauze pad the face; when removing makeup, you can also pour the makeup remover lotion on the gauze swab to remove makeup at once, saving makeup remover and clearing it thoroughly.

Gauze swab can also be used as a cage drawer cloth, steamed buns with the cage drawer cloth to speak of. Our medical gauze block is medical sterilization grade, warp, and weft interwoven, cuttable, large mesh breathable, easy to use, and hygienic.

In addition, medical gauze swab can also be a homemade water purifier, first, take a piece of medical gauze swab and cut it into a circle. Then put the skimmed cotton ball in the middle of the medical gauze swab, and tie the medical gauze swab to the faucet. The combination of medical gauze swab and skimmed cotton balls is clean and hygienic and not only filters the water. You can also save on your water bill, so remember to replace it regularly, once or twice a day.

It is also good to use medical gauze pad as a spice bag or a Chinese medicine bag decoction bag! When the family needs to boil Chinese medicine or soup, if there is no special bag can be medical gauze swab block instead of ah, the star anise herbs wrapped in gauze swab block inside, tied with a rope, so a simple bag on it.

Notes for purchase

First of all, we should look at the packaging mark of the finished product and the product specification. There are generally two ways of finished products, one is the non-sterile way and the other is the aseptic way. Require the product instructions or finished product packaging to state whether it is in a sterile or non-sterile way factory.

Medical gauze pad packaged in an aseptic way can be used directly, while gauze swab packaged in a non-sterile way must be disinfected by high temperature and high-pressure steam or ethylene oxide and other methods before use.

For the medical non adherent pad packed in an aseptic way, the packaging mark must be written in the sterilization expiration date, factory date or production batch number, package damage disable instructions or logo, single-use instructions or prohibit re-use logo. If the package is found to be damaged or exceeds the expiration date, it will no longer be purchased or used.

Buy medical non adherent pad is to see the appearance of the product. Products should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure white color, does not contain other fibers and processed substances, in ultraviolet light should not show a strong blue fluorescence.

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