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What are the types of pill boxes?

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Business trip medicine box is also necessary for the body is the capital of the revolution on common minor injuries and illnesses to be prepared for common drugs band-aids, motion sickness, cold and flu medicine and other personal common private drugs this should be more attentive with a portable pill box loaded so that the medication is also regular, so what types of pillboxes are there? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

l Portable daily pill planner with 4 compartments

l Portable travel pill case with zippered pocket

l Promotional Protected Weekly Pill Dispenser with Pill Dispenser

Portable daily pill planner with 4 compartments

Compact design: The small, compact design makes this daily pill planner perfect for use on the go.

Translucent body: The pill planner has a transparent body to keep medications visible and help prevent missed doses.

Contoured bottom: The planner has a contoured compartment bottom to make retrieving your medications simple

Four dose schedule: The planner contains four compartments for morning, noon, night, and bed. Perfect for keeping track of your medications and taking them with you throughout the day.

Portable travel pill case with zippered pocket

Instead of simply carrying your vitamins in a zippered pouch, the Portable Travel Case with Zippered Pouch protects your privacy. Not only is it perfect for holding medications, pills, supplements, and vitamins, with front and inside pockets for receipts, keys, insurance cards, or other small flat items but the waterproof material and durable zipper protect your compartment and its contents while hiking. The compact design is perfect for travel, and you can use these 2-pack pillboxes as a 2-week box or a weekly box twice a day (white box in the morning, black box at night).

The chain strap pillbox is not only non-dislodging but also large enough to store more daily pills at 4 inches in diameter than other 7-sided pillboxes.

Promotional Protected Weekly Pill Dispenser with Pill Dispenser

Extraordinary weekly pill organizer: This unique 7-day AM PM weekly pill organizer is designed to store a large number of pills and vitamins of all sizes and shapes in one place. It makes managing your weekly medication prescriptions easy.

Superior Design: The dispenser at the tip of the pillbox holds seven separate trays. Each tray is dedicated to one workday and has four compartments with morning, noon, evening, and night labels and is easy to open and arthritis-friendly. Once locked, they won't pop out, so there's no worry about spilling medication. Clearly mark the week and never worry about forgetting to take your medication.

Vibrant colors: The weekly pillbox has transparent housing and each tray is uniquely brightly colored for the user to easily distinguish the day of the week.

Convenient and durable construction: Our pill organizer is made of strong and durable plastic and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. With a removable tray and lid, loading and unloading medication is easy.

Travel Friendly: Thanks to its lightweight and compact shape, it is the perfect dispenser for carrying supplements and pills when traveling. Upgraded printing technology ensures longer label life, up to 10,000 uses.

Quality materials: Tnvee pill boxes are made of 100% BPA-FREE food-grade PP material to ensure the safety of your medication.

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