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How do I use a gauze swab?

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I think most people in our lives have been exposed to medical gauze swabs at one time or another. For example, when the body is worn by some small external abrasion caused by a fall, it is wrapped with a medical gauze swab. So how do we properly use medical gauze swabs in our daily life? Here I will explain to you briefly how to use medical gauze swab. I will also introduce the precautions of gauze swabs.

Here is the content list:

l Usage

l Caution


A medical gauze pad is used to dress wounds on the outside of the body and is used to protect wounds outside the body after sterilization. When used, the skin of the affected area is scrubbed clean, then disinfected, and after disinfection, the wound is placed with the required medication for treatment, and finally, the disinfected medical gauze swab is wrapped around the wound and fixed with medical tape. In this process, attention is paid to disinfection to prevent wound infection.

Of course, it is worth noting that a medical gauze pad is a disposable medical product and cannot be reused. In the use must pay attention to hygiene issues, otherwise, there will be very serious consequences. Because medical gauze swabs and human wound skin have very direct contact, the wound is easy be infected by bacteria, once infected, it will be inflamed and lead to unnecessary trouble. So, when you use it, check whether the packaging is broken, in addition to its production date and expiration date. Medical gauze swab is flammable, so do not let it close to the source of fire, when stored in a dry, ventilated, clean place.


If it is a sterile medical non adherent pad, it can be used directly, if it is a non-sterile gauze pad, it needs to be disinfected by high temperature and high-pressure steam or ethylene oxide and other methods before use. After unpacking, soak it in water for a few seconds, which is to make it work better. The temperature of the water is generally at 25 degrees as appropriate.

When wrapping should pay attention to good tightness, not too tight, not breathable will make the wound deteriorate, too loose then will make dust or other foreign matter into the wound, more detrimental to wound healing and recovery. And should be according to the patient's human comfort to medical gauze swab bandage appropriate adjustment. Medical gauze swab is a disposable product, so do not reuse it.

To determine whether the medical gauze swab is sterile, check the product packaging logo and product instructions. Check the appearance of the product when you choose to buy. The product should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure white, does not contain other fibers and processed substances, and should not show strong blue fluorescence under ultraviolet light. If you find that the product packaging is damaged, or has exceeded the expiration date, please discard it immediately.

Suzhou DoCare Co., Ltd reminds you that following the above advice will allow you to use the gauze swab correctly. If you still want to know more about gauze swabs and First Aid products, please contact us.

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