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What are the process standards for gauze swabs?

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Skimmed cotton gauze swab in the medical industry is more commonly used, it is mainly used to protect the patient's wound, so it must have a high quality of hygiene, there can be no bacteria or even viruses, which can infect the wound to cause worse results, so we have high requirements and standards in the production process. Next is the introduction of gauze swab production standards and purchase considerations.

Here is the content list:

l Process standards

l Selection precautions

Process standards

First of all, clean skimmed cotton is used in the selection of raw materials. Skimmed cotton is cotton that has been chemically treated to remove fat, and it is easier to absorb liquids than ordinary cotton and is used for sanitary purposes, as well as for manufacturing nitrate fiber. Skim cotton from the original cotton by removing inclusions, degreasing, bleaching, washing, drying, finishing process made.

Skimmed cotton because the surface layer does not contain fat, has a very good hydrophilic, soaked in 75% alcohol can be used for disinfection of cotton balls. Skim cotton should be odorless, tasteless, colorless, with good water absorption, soft and slender fiber, white and elastic, easy to layering, no acid, alkali, and other harmful impurities, the quality should be in line with the technical standards set by the Ministry of Health.

The production method of skim cotton gauze swab is to choose high quality to skim cotton after the injection of special solvent, heating treatment in boiling water, and then cooled for rinsing, and then placed in a clean place to dry after sterilization and sterilization, so that the quality of the guarantee qualified before leaving the factory.

Selection precautions

In the selection of medical non adherent pads, we must first choose a regular place or manufacturer to buy, so as not to buy unhygienic products that affect the patient's wound healing, or aggravate the severity of the injury.

For medical gauze pads packaged in a sterile manner, the package mark must state the sterilization expiration date, factory date or production batch number, package damage disable instructions or logo, single-use instructions or prohibit re-use logo. If the package is found to be damaged or beyond the expiration date, it will no longer be purchased or used.

When buying, you can distinguish whether the gauze pad is bleached and whether it contains impurities by looking at the color and the overall shape of the product.

You can also touch the gauze pads to feel whether the material used meets your standards, and only products with good breathability will be better for patients to use.

In the use of its use must be kept dry to use, if the gauze pad contains water will produce a large number of bacteria proliferation, affecting the effect.

The above is the introduction of gauze swab and Sports Bandages process standards and purchase precautions, if you still have questions, you can contact Suzhou DoCare Co. Our company has specialized in the research and production of gauze swabs for many years. We have an independent quality assurance department and testing laboratory, which are responsible for testing and analysis of products, developing and adjusting production processes.

If you have questions or need more information,please contact us.
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