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How to remove bandages from a wound?

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Sometimes, the bandage wrapped on the wound will stick to the skin. If the bandage is forcibly removed, it will cause pain and even cause the wound to crack again. Therefore, how to properly remove the medical bandages or sport bandages is a skill we must master. Below I will introduce the steps to remove the bandage to help you reduce the pain when removing the bandage.

l How to remove bandages from a wound?

How to wash the wound?

l What to do with the removed bandage?

How to remove bandages from a wound?

The bandage on the wound is attached to the meat mainly because the wound site is not dry. In this case, it is best to go to the hospital to moisten the bandage with antiseptic alcohol or iodophor and remove it; if you are at home, you can also moisten it with alcohol at home and remove the bandage; the wound site should be kept dry, recently. Don't get wet, it is best to continue taking some anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent infection.

In most cases, the bandage is very easy to remove, just follow the reverse order of the bandage to remove the bandage. If the wound recovers as before, you can stop using a bandage. If the wound has not healed, it is necessary to put a bandage on the wound again after applying the medicine.

How to wash the wound?

Proper wound cleaning is so important for many reasons, such as reducing the risk of infection. In addition, the correct handling of wounds can also help promote healing.


Wound assessment

The severity must be determined before proper cleaning measures can be taken. It is important to clean up immediately after trauma, especially when there is dust. Otherwise, the remaining fibers and other substances in the wound will cause the wound to heal delayed.


Cleaning solution

Clean your hands before treating the wound. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. If you have sterile gloves, you can wear them during handling. Choose salt water, drinking water or disinfectant to prevent the growth of microorganisms during the healing process based on the evaluation results. As an alternative, you can wash the wound with soap and water, and then blot it dry with sterile gauze. In the process of cleaning the wound, make sure to clean the surrounding area, because nearby bacteria may transfer to the wound and cause infection.


Protect the wound

After the wound is thoroughly cleaned, ointments such as neosporin or bacitracin can be used to prevent infection. Cover the wound with sterile gauze. This prevents dirt and bacteria from entering or accidental scratching. In addition, covering the wound is also important to promote wound healing and prevent the formation of permanent scars from scabs.

What to do with the removed bandage?

It is best to throw the used bandage directly into the trash can and replace it with a new bandage. Some departments collect discarded bandages for centralized processing.


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