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How to remove tapes from your skin?

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The tape should last 5 to 7 days when applied correctly, but sometimes it is goodbye to your tape application. Sometimes activities and movements loosen the adhesive, the tape peels off and sometimes the tape does not want you to go. Here are some tips to ensure that you have the best possible experience of deleting tapes.


l What should you do before removing tapes?

l What should you do when removing tapes?

l What should you do after removing tapes?

What should you do before removing tapes?

Soap and water or alcohol wipes should be the only thing that needs to be prepared for the skin. The same is true for tape removal sprays. Apply the tape application correctly. This includes preparing the skin instead of over-stretching the end of the tape. If the tape is pulling on the skin, it can cause irritation and blisters, so make sure that the end is not stretched.

What should you do when removing tapes?

Dry. It seems a good idea to remove the tape after soaking it in warm water, but do not remove the tape when it is wet. The adhesive in high-quality kinesiology tape is not water-soluble, so warm water will not actually loosen the holding power. In fact, soaking the tape will generate suction, pulling the skin with the tape. Oh! It is best to air dry or pat dry with a towel.

Stretch the muscles. Just like during use, bend as much as possible to keep the skin firm without feeling uncomfortable or causing pain. For example, in the knee-removal application, please bend your knees. (If you did not shave this area before applying, you will begin to feel these hairs at this stage.)

Keep the skin unchanged. Use one hand to press the skin tightly to where you want to remove the tape. Use your thumb and index finger to outline the area. If you don't have free hands, cover your skin with your little finger and ring finger, and roll the tape with your thumb and finger. Pressing down on the skin, close to where the tape is lifted, can keep the skin taut and help reduce the area where the tape is being pulled.

What should you do after removing tapes?

Scrolling does not pull. Starting from the top of the tape application, roll the tape from the edge to the direction of the hair growth. Even if you shave before use, it is always wise to walk in the direction of hair growth, as it will reduce the irritation of the egg sacs and pores.

Soap and water. Once you roll off the tape, in rare cases, there may be some adhesive residue. It should not be sticky, but sometimes there will be a thin residue. There should be a little soap, water or hand sanitizer.

Let your skin rest for a while. For some people, kinesiology tape is a daily solution to mobility problems. If you want to delete an application on a regular basis and replace it with a fresh tape, we recommend that you let your skin rest for an hour or so between the two applications. Spider technology tape is breathable and latex-free, but after removal and application, the skin will be a little red and puffy. Allow about an hour between applications to give your skin some time to recover.


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