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How to use plasters?

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Plasters are a very common household item, many people will accidentally get hurt when doing something, the wound is small will use plasters to avoid wound infection. Here is the correct way to use plasters, I hope it helps!

Here is the content list:

l Plasters are only suitable for wounds with neat incisions, a thousand net, and little bleeding

l Clean and disinfect the wound before use

l The use time should not be too long

Plasters are only suitable for wounds with neat incisions, a thousand net, and little bleeding

Plasters are not a panacea and are not suitable for all wounds. In general, plasters are mainly used for small and shallow wounds, especially for cuts that are neat, clean, bleeding, and do not need stitches, such as knife cuts, cuts, glass scratches, etc. For larger, deeper wounds with foreign bodies, fabric plasters should not be used, and such cases should be promptly referred to the hospital. For contaminated or infected wounds, such as heavy skin abrasions, burns, etc., it is not advisable to use detectable plasters. As for folliculitis, boils, purulent infections, and various skin diseases, plasters should not be used.

Clean and disinfect the wound before use

When we use plasters, it is always convenient to stick them on casually, which is not correct.

Before using plasters, first check whether there is dirt in the wound, such as unclean things, shall use sterilized saline to clean the wound first, and then put on the kids’ plaster. If the wound is pierced by nails and other objects and deep, you should immediately go to the hospital and need to inject tetanus antitoxin. Second, after opening the clear waterproof plaster, avoid contaminating the surface. When applying the patch, the medication surface must be aligned with the wound, and slightly pressurized on both sides of the wound after the patch is applied, and the dressing should not be too tight to avoid aggravating the wound infection due to lack of air permeability.

The use time should not be too long

One is to pay attention to the changes in the wound. If after 24 hours of using the hydrocolloid plaster, the wound is consciously "pulsating pain" similar to the pulse beat, or there is a secretion overflow, to promptly open to observe the wound around the redness, swelling, and heat pain. If there is, it means that the wound has been infected, should immediately ask the doctor to deal with it.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the protection of the wound. After using the plaster, do not often pinch the wound with your hands, the wound local activities as little as possible, to prevent a collision, to avoid wound cracking.

Third, the use of plasters should not be too long, should be a day a change.

Fourth, the sticker plasters to pay attention to the waterproof. It is not the use of waterproof plasters that can be in contact with water for a long time. If the plaster and the skin around the wound are not sticky, especially in special areas, such as fingertips, knees, and elbows, waterproof also becomes not "waterproof". When using waterproof plasters, try to minimize contact with water, pay attention to the observation and protection of the wound, and replace them immediately after they are soaked with water, otherwise, they will easily leak and cause wound infection.

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