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Notes on the production of gauze swabs

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A medical gauze swab is a medical product used for wound treatment and provides good protection for wounds. Medical gauze swabs also have higher requirements for materials and are more convenient to use. At the same time, medical gauze swab in the process of production also needs to pay attention to the following aspects, the next take you to understand. The advantages of gauze swabs are also attached.

Here is the content list:

l Precautions for use

l Advantages

Precautions for use

Medical gauze swab production process, the gauze for "alkali cooking" is a very important section, the purpose is to remove the pulp, grease, and wax in the blank cloth, etc., directly affect the quality of medical gauze, at the same time, this section is generated by the pollutants are more, in the work requires special attention.

To reduce the number of pollutants produced in the production of medical gauze pad, now the production of gauze bad cloth often first by high-temperature cylinder degreasing, dewaxing, in addition to the pulp, after a series of processes such as air steaming, washing, bleaching and other processes to complete, often the pollutants of the previous process to the latter section, to protect the gauze to meet the required health standards to protect product quality, must use more water for cleaning.  

In addition, the medical non adherent pad must be strictly tested and inspected before leaving the factory, soft to the touch, strong water absorption, weft dense and uniform, white and tasteless, without acid and alkali, safe to use. And the sparse cotton gauze blanks for selection, selected qualified applicable gauze, chlorine oxygen double bleaching (degreasing), and then the degreasing good gauze blanks using mechanical slitting, and then according to the required specifications cut into the corresponding medical gauze swab.


Medical non adherent pads are individually vacuum-packed, cut to the right size, and have good water absorption and air permeability, so they are very suitable for hospital surgery, infectious diseases, and surgical use, and can be discarded after being contaminated and used only once. In addition, our company produces medical gauze swabs with a variety of cutting specifications, so in addition to hospital medical use, but also as a beauty club and scientific research units and family use, the scope of use is still relatively wide. In addition, the medical non adherent pad is made of high-quality raw materials, so it has a good feeling, high skin-friendly, has no linting, no flocculation.

Due to the excellent quality, reasonable price, and considerate service, our gauze swabs have entered the market in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide. Suzhou DoCare Co., Ltd has an independent quality assurance department and testing laboratory, which is responsible for testing and analysis of products, developing and adjusting production processes. It is due to our conscientious attitude and excellent quality that our products are widely acclaimed in the industry. If you are interested in our Sports Bandages products, you can contact us. Our website is

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