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The function of medical products?

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The basic function of the first aid kit is introduced; "outdoor first aid kit" the main function of an emergency + rest; accident, the correct treatment of wounds to prevent infection is essential, first aid kit is not only the first aid supplies for car accidents but also can be used for home. Especially in winter, the first aid blanket can buy 20-30 minutes for the injured. Outdoor can not be equipped with any medicine like at home. The following is a detailed description of the functions of the outdoor first aid kit.

Here is the content list:

l Emergency and rest

l Car and home use

l Business trip and travel

Emergency and rest

When an accident occurs, it is crucial to properly treat the wound to prevent infection. I believe we all know the serious consequences caused by wound infection, which is sometimes even fatal. For this, the first aid kit should be equipped with high-quality sterile dressings, gauze, bandages, disposable gloves, etc., which can effectively prevent wound infection in the event of an accident. The soft texture of the first aid kit can also be used as a temporary cushion, pillow when you go out.

Car and home use

First aid kits are not only first aid supplies for car accidents, but can also be used for home, sometimes inevitable scrapes and bruises in daily life, especially the elderly, children, first aid kits with a variety of high-standard first aid items will certainly be useful, such as burns, first aid kits are also equipped with special burn dressings. Whether on the road or at home, after an accident, before the arrival of the emergency vehicle, the first aid kit will largely alleviate the deterioration of the injury and eliminate or reduce the adverse consequences.

Business trip and travel

First aid blanket: Especially in winter, the 20-30 minutes gained for the injured is likely to be the key to saving lives. First aid kits can also come in handy for business trips, travel, such as mountain climbing, field trips, and out and about, not like at home. At the same time, the first aid kit can also be used to help each other, to help others in the event of an accident.

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