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What are bandages?

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Bandages are gauze bands used to bandage wounds or affected areas. They are common medical supplies. There are many different types and methods of bandaging. It is necessary to choose the appropriate type and method of bandaging according to the injured part. Bandages are widely used in our daily life. Thus, I’d like to expand on the cotton bandages to assist you to have a better understanding of bandages.


Here is the list of the article:

What is the definition of a bandage?

l What are the types of bandages?

l What is the typical product of a bandage?

What is the definition of a bandage?

Bandages are materials used to fix and protect the surgical or injured parts and are necessary for surgical operations. The simplest one is the single shed belt, which is made of gauze or cotton cloth and is suitable for the limbs, tail, head, chest and abdomen. Compound bandages are bandages of various shapes made according to parts and shapes. The material of the double bandage is a double-layer cotton cloth, in which cotton of different thicknesses can be sandwiched, and there are cloth strips around it for knotting and fixing, such as eye bandages, back waist bandages, chest bandages and abdomen bandages. Special sport bandages are mostly used for fixing the limbs and joints.

What are the types of bandages?

Generally speaking, bandages can be divided into 100% cotton plain weave, wrinkle elastic bandage, ammonia elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage and cotton gauze bandage, viscose plaster bandage according to the material. If you want to know more, you can read the following article, which expands on the types of bandages more exactly.

What is the typical product of a bandage?

A typical product of bandages is viscose plaster bandages. This series uses powdered calcined gypsum, polyvinyl alcohol, and polyvinyl acetate emulsion to make a certain concentration of homogenate, uniformly coat it on the gauze, dry, and cut the bandage. It is suitable for orthopedic fracture fixation, deformity correction, inflammatory limb immobilization, bone tuberculosis, bone tumor and bone arthroplasty, limb fixation and mold model making. This product has controllable curing time, strong hardness, fast drying time, and strong adaptability. In addition, it is also resistant to high temperature, high cold, non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-allergic. This product is gauze coated with gypsum powder and is odorless.


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