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What are the advantages of pill boxes?

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A pillbox is a box in which medications are packaged, with the benefit of saving a lot of time to achieve results as quickly as possible. A pillbox has one or more compartments to make it easy for medication takers to store the medication to be taken in the compartment according to the dose so that they can carry it and take it on time. Generally made of food-grade or above plastic, mainly made of PP or ABS, but also some are made of metal.

Here is the content list:

l No need to remember.

l Double protection for your medications.

l Take your daily medication.

l Colorful and safe.

l Three times a day.

l Double Closure.

l 3-in-1, water bottle + pill organizer + cup

l Simplify your life.

l Easy to use

l Perfect for your daily adventures

No need to remember.

The 7-color pill organizer allows for better tracking of your medications 2 times a day in the morning and 2 times a day in the afternoon. A date stamp on the front reminds you of what you took that day and when. You only need to fill this pill organizer once a week.

Double protection for your medications.

The Daily Pill Box exterior durable box container and food-grade 7 Daily Pill Box keep your medications safe. The quick-closing lip protects your pills from spills.

Take your daily medication.

The 7 individual 7-color daily pill boxes allow you to take single or several-day doses of medication on the go. Each box holds up to 6 fish oil capsules or 14 capsules per day.

Colorful and safe.

Made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic, this pill organizer is colorful and keeps your medications safe. The bright colors of the individual inner pillboxes correspond to a day of the week.

Three times a day.

Each daily pillbox is color-coded and designed with 3 compartments - morning, noon, and night. Schedule your medication intake during breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on the printed picture label.

Double Closure.

The main lid of the pillbox is designed with two clasps to prevent spillage of the inner pillbox.

Stay-open lid and hinge: The lid stays open while you take your weekly medications. You can fill all 21 compartments quickly and easily.

3-in-1, water bottle + pill organizer + cup

With this very convenient combination, you can rest assured that you'll never forget to take your vitamins and pills again.

Simplify your life.

The pillbox slides in and out and has four rigid holders to keep the bottle more stable on the floor or table. It's much easier to help the elderly and children open the pillbox.

Easy to use

The plastic pillbox is made of food-grade plastic! Safely store any medication and take it anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for your daily adventures

You can take your water bottle with pill organizer to the office, camping, school, gym, explore everywhere.

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