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What are the benefits of kinesiology tapes?

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Kinesiology is an anatomical organization that focuses on the treatment of connective tissue, joints, muscles and tendons-the science of the movement of muscles and bones. The overall technique of the kinesiology tape is to balance physical health, endurance and energy without the use of drugs and surgery. Kinesiology regards the body as a machine controlled by a complex computer, the brain, which continuously communicates with hundreds of muscles and other tissues throughout the body. Healthy muscles are balanced; unhealthy, overly strained muscles are unbalanced and weak. Kinesiology aims to maintain the balance between muscles and adjacent tissues. One of the methods is to simply wrap the muscles and surrounding tissues with supporting materials called kinesiology belts.


Here is the list of the article:

l How do kinesiology tapes work?

l What are the benefits of kinesiology tape?

l Who can benefit from kinesiology tape?

How do kinesiology tapes work?

The kinesiology taping method of kinesiology is based on science, maintaining support for the body, while allowing blood and other body fluids to pass freely through and around injured muscles. Kinesiology tape stabilizes the injured area by gently sticking to the skin and applying pressure to the tape-wrapped tissue.

This tape allows the connective tissue around the affected muscle or tendon to move with the body. It gently allows the free flow of blood and lymph to clean and heal inflammation without the use of drugs and surgery.

This special tape helps improve blood circulation, supports muscles, allows internal injuries to heal, and helps prevent further muscle damage while still allowing exercise.

What are the benefits of kinesiology tape?

The purpose of kinesiology tape is to improve blood circulation, support muscles, promote healing, and help prevent injury or further injury.


The five main benefits of using this method are:

1. Relieve pain: By gently applying pressure, kinesiology tape helps to disrupt and dispel pain.

2. Increase circulation and reduce inflammation: tape can help eliminate congestion while allowing effective circulation of oxygenated blood and lymph. The circulation will discharge irritants, thereby reducing inflammation and the accumulation of chemical substances, and promoting rapid recovery.

3. Improve posture and muscle support: Recording the area away from the correct posture can help gently support the appropriate posture. Appropriate tape can also make weak muscles work effectively, reduce pain and fatigue, and prevent cramps, overextension, and over-contraction.

4. Improve sports performance: By supporting unstable joints and providing slight pressure to the "sleeping" muscles, the tape can suggest higher performance. With other auxiliary equipment can lead to relying on their stability and support, kinesiology tape training the body becomes independent and efficient.

5. Supported endogenous analgesic system: tape enables the body's own healing mechanism to work in the recovery process. ("Endogenous" means "internal" and "analgesia" means "pain relief".)

Who can benefit from kinesiology tape?

Any soft tissue injury or pain can benefit from the kinesiology tape—everyone from young athletes with overuse or injury to the elderly with degenerative joint disease.


Kinesiology tapes can be helpful:

Those whose occupations involve hard physical labor and repetitive exercise (construction workers, factory workers, gardeners, mechanics, miners, secretaries, etc.).

People who sit at their desks for a long time every day, or those who are sedentary.

Athletes and other physically active people, including cyclists, golfers, joggers and other sports enthusiasts or people involved in sports.

People who suffer subsequent effects such as poor posture and poor sleeping habits.

Patients suffering from joint pain.

People who have suffered any type of joint, muscle or tendon injury, whether due to disease or accident


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