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What are the differences between kinesiology tape and athletic tape?

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There is no doubt that the kinesiology belt, together with the traditional sports belt, has won a place in the first aid kits of coaches, coaches and athletes. The question now arises: "When should I use traditional sports tape and when should I use kinesiology tape?" The first thing to be clear is that kinesiology tapes are not intended to replace sports belts. These two kinds of tapes have completely different functions and have important applications in the treatment of sports injuries. The purpose of this article is to help new users understand the difference between these two types of tape and when to use each type.


Here is the list of the article:

l What are the differences in application techniques?

l What are the differences between the functions?

l What are the differences in appearance?

What are the differences in application techniques?

Traditional sports tape is tightly wrapped around the overlapping layer of the injured joint or muscle until the area is almost fixed. The compression produced by this technique reduces the circulation of blood and lymph, and if the residence time is too long, it may cause additional damage to the injured area. For this reason, sports activities are usually completed within a short period of time before the activity and deleted immediately after completion.

This is very different from kinesiology tape, which almost never completely wraps around any part of the body. Instead, it is applied directly on and around the boundary of the injured muscle group or joint. The elasticity actually enhances blood flow and lymphatic removal, which allows the kinesiology belt to provide real therapeutic benefits. Since there are no restrictions on the safe range of motion, athletes can wear kinesiology tapes at the same time to continue training or competition.

What are the differences between the functions?

The main function of conventional sports tape is to provide support and stability for the injured joint or muscle group by fixing it. This will be the recording method of choice in the event of a serious injury, that is, any movement of the injured area may cause additional damage. The traditional tape also indicates that the joint instability is so extreme that a tight tape job is required to provide additional support.

The elastic properties of kinesiology tape make it unsuitable for situations that require extreme support and stability. On the other hand, this same elasticity allows the kinesiology belt to provide outstanding therapeutic benefits in the field of recovery and rehabilitation. Because it increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, the application of kinesiology tape can quickly relieve swelling and inflammation, and accelerate the healing process. Other properties allow it to relieve acute and chronic pain, and all injured athletes welcome it. As the pain and inflammation subsides, normal muscle activation can be restored, restoring strength and coordination to the injured area.

What are the differences in appearance?

Traditional sports tape is only rolled, usually white. Kinesiology tapes appear in rolls and pre-cut applications for different parts of the body. Kinesiology tape also has a wider range of colors, the most common being black, blue, pink, and beige.

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