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What are the precautions for plasters?

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Plasters are used to solve an emergency life accident or bump, although it brings us a lot of convenience and protection, but also in the use of some problems, so it is necessary to remind you of some matters needing attention before using plasters. A description of the other uses of the plaster is included later.

Here is the content list:

l Caution

l Other Uses


It is best not to leave plaster on overnight.

It has poor absorbency and breathability. If it is stuck on for too long and not replaced in time, bacteria will multiply and the wound and surrounding skin will become white and soft, leading to infection, which is not conducive to wound healing.

Take off the plaster when you sleep and disinfect small wounds with iodophor before going to bed. Do not leave the waterproof plaster on for more than 12 hours at most to prevent the wound from becoming infected and septic.

Plasters should not be used repeatedly

Many people wash their hands for fear of wetting the fabric plaster, will first take it off, wash and then paste back, this practice is also wrong. When using plasters, the wound must not be wet, you can temporarily wipe with disinfectant wipes. If you take off when washing your hands, plasters stained with water or liquid oozing, you should immediately throw away and reapply a new plaster.

Plasters cannot be used for large wounds

Plasters are mainly used for acute small wounds to stop bleeding, for superficial, small trauma, do not need to be sutured cutting wounds. In large wounds, bleeding, and wounds are not clean, cannot use hydrocolloid plasters, should be prompt to the hospital. Boils, burns, septic infections, and various skin diseases are also not suitable for use.

Other precautions

Do not pinch the wound when using plasters to avoid wound cracking. If the pain or redness of the wound worsens after two consecutive uses, stop using it and go to the hospital in time.

Other Uses

When funneling

When we replenish water in the field, you can use a plaster rolled into a funnel, and then use the middle of the plaster mesh to do filter paper, which can play a filtering role.

Prevent motion sickness

Sliced ginger, and then using plaster on the navel, can play a role in the prevention of motion sickness.

Stop painful dryness and cracking

When your fingers are dry and cracked, you can tear off the middle of the plaster mesh and wrap it around your fingers, which can relieve pain.

Prevent foot rubbing

When wearing new shoes appear to wear feet, or travel requires a long walk, it is best to have some clear waterproof plasters in the bag, when needed, you can paste in the parts vulnerable to wear and tear, which can effectively avoid injury to the feet.

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