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What are the types of bandages?

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We are often injured. Bandages are widely used in surgical operations and our daily lives as a material to fix and protect the surgical or injured parts. How much do you know about sport bandages? Below, I will introduce the types of bandages so that you can have an accurate understanding of bandages. I hope that you can benefit from this article.


Here is the list of the article:

l What are the types of bandages?

l Where are the bandages applied to?

l What are the ways to use bandages?

What are the types of bandages?

There are mainly five kinds of bandages.

1. Crepe bandages

Crepe bandages, commonly made of cotton, are woven, elasticated bandages.

2. Conforming bandages

Conforming bandages are very stretchy and, as their name suggests, conform closely to the body’s contours.

3. Cohesive bandages

Cohesive bandages are designed to stick to themselves, but not to skin or hair.

4. Open wove bandages

Unlike other kinds of bandages, these bandages are non-elastic, and can be used to hold dressings in place without constricting or pressuring the wound.

5. Plaster of paris

These bandages are used to make plasters to provide rigid fixation of fractured or fractured limbs.

Where are the bandages applied to?

Crepe bandages are an ideal way to support sprains and sprain healing because they provide good compression to the injured area, but because of their elasticity, they cannot prevent joints or muscles from bending. Cotton can also let the skin breathe, and these bandages can be washed and reused. Crepe bandages can also be used for compress retention.

Conforming bandages are ideal fixed dressings, especially on the extremities. These bandages are lightweight, wear-resistant and breathable. These materials are usually made of synthetic materials.

Adhesive bandages are quick and easy to apply and remove, and do not require any tape or pins to hold them in place. These bandages can be used to fix wound dressings, and can also be used to support and compress injured muscles or joints.

Open wove bandages are not suitable for price treatment. Their loose weave allows good ventilation, helps the skin breathe and avoids infection.

Impregnated with Plaster of Paris (calcined gypsum), once soaked in water, these bandages can be molded on the limbs. Then, the bandage was quickly tied into a strong plaster. These bandages can only be used by medical professionals.

What are the ways to use bandages?

There are five kinds of bandaging methods for bandages: circular bandaging, spiral bandaging, spiral reflex bandaging, "8" shape bandaging and reverse bandaging. If you want to know more about the five methods, you can read other articles in our news parts.

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