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What are the uses of bandage?

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Bandages are gauze bands used to wrap wounds or affected areas. They are common medical supplies. There are many different types and methods of dressing. You need to choose the appropriate type and method of dressing according to the injured part. Do you want to know more about sport bandages? I’d like to expand on the bandages to help you have a better understanding of bandages.


l What are the uses of the bandage?

l What are the kinds of bandages in our company?

l What should be paid attention to when using bandages

What are the uses of the bandage?

If the bandage is used correctly, it can not only help the wound heal, but also avoid infection or other secondary injuries to the wound. Whether it is a gauze bandage or an elastic bandage, its purpose is mainly to bandage and fix.

The full gauze bandage is mainly used for bandaging and fixing after external wound dressing in hospital surgery and family.

Elastic bandages are mainly used for retention bandaging of patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities and orthopedics to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling of the limbs. It can also replace the multi-head abdominal band after surgery, and is used for compression bandaging of different parts of the human body or general wound bandaging.

What are the kinds of bandages in our company?

There are two kinds of bandages in our company: cohesive bandage and non-woven cohesive bandage.

Cohesive bandage

The cohesive sports bandage is made of cotton with self-adhesive glue. It is suitable for tissue support, controlled compression, and securing applications. It can be used for exerting pressure on wounds to stop bleeding. The feature of cohesive sports bandage:

1. Hypoallergenic

2. Great stretching ability.

3. The porous texture of the cotton bandage is air permeable and feels comfortable.

4. The special glue coating sticks only to itself, not to skin or hair.

5. Easy to tear laterally by hand.

6. Waterproof.

7. Individually wrapped.

8. Available in cotton or non-woven material.

8. The adherent bandage could be latex free or contain latex.

9. Available in various colors and sizes.

Non-woven cohesive bandage

Non-woven cohesive bandage is made of pure cotton, non-woven, elastic non-woven fabric, coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive or natural latex, and natural rubber, which will not irritate the skin. Because of its convenient use, it has been widely used in personal protection, and it can replace the ordinary bandage. This bandage can also replace the rubber plaster and medical gauze. The non-woven cohesive bandage has good air permeability, which is soft and comfortable. The fabric is soft, so that the wrapped parts felt comfortable, and the dressing process is also very convenient. It can be applied to any part of the dressing. The feature of non-woven cohesive sports bandage:

1. Hypoallergenic.

2. Highly stretched.

3. The porous texture is air permeable and feels quite comfortable.

4. The special glue coating only sticks to itself rather than skin or hair.

5. Easy to tear laterally by hand.

6. The non-woven cohesive bandage is water resistant, and will not get loose due to the presence of sweat or water.

7. Individually wrapped.

8. Economic.

9. Suitable for being used as pet bandages.

10. With or without latex.

11. Available in various colors and sizes.

What should be paid attention to when using bandages

1. Do not use on areas where swelling may occur

2. The main material of the polymer bandage will adhere to the skin and clothes, please wear protective gloves when operating

3. Medical bandages may generate a certain amount of heat during use, and users may feel uncomfortable.

4. Try not to wet the bandage, otherwise the skin will become uncomfortable.


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