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Where to buy a tape?

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Sports tapes are designed to prevent sports injuries, protect and strengthen joints and muscles, and are one of the effective protection methods for the ankles, wrists, fingers, and other easily injured parts. We often exercise, especially often running. Wearing sports tapes when running can effectively reduce the occurrence of strains. Thus, it is necessary to prepare tapes at home. Do you know where can buy a tape?


Here is the list of the article:

l What are the kinds of tapes in our company?

l How to buy our company’s tapes?

l How to use tapes correctly?

What are the kinds of tapes in our company?

There are mainly three kinds of sports tapes in our company. They are sports tape, kinesiology tape, and rigid rayon tape.

The adhesive sports bandage is made of elastic cotton cloth coated with medical pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Muscle tapes are also called kinesiology tapes, motor tapes, physical tapes, and k-tapes. It is widely used in different kinds of physiotherapy, sports protection and performance promotion. It can relieve pain and tumors, relax overused or stretched muscles, and reactivate welfare muscles.

Rigid rayon tape is made of rayon material and microporous glue, this rigid rayon tape can provide strong support for joints during high-stress sports, and prevent excessive joint activity that can cause injury.

How to buy our company’s tapes?

Our company, SUZHOU SUNMEDCO., LTD, which is located in Room 2001, Gold River International Centre, No.88 Shishan Rd., Suzhou, Jiangsu China 215011, is famous for the quality of our products. If you have a demand for tapes, please contact us. Our phone number is +86-521-68785856, the mobile phone number is +86-13812795048. You can also contact us online, please email You can also order online, our website is If you want to know more exactly, you can search our company’s website. There is a detailed introduction of our company’s three tapes on the website. Including the photo of the tape, the material of the tape, the characteristics of the tape and the specifications of the tape.

How to use tapes correctly?

There are five main ways to use

1. Ring taping method

2. Spiral taping method

3. Spiral reflex taping method

4. "8" shape taping method

5. Reverse taping method

If you want to know more about the dressing method, welcome to browse other articles of our company.


Besides, there are some things that you should pay attention to.

1. Before using the tapes

Consult a doctor after an injury, avoid the swollen area, and clean the bandaged area (sweat, stolen goods, body hair).

2. Taping

Do not hinder the skills of nerves and blood vessels, keep a certain range of motion of the joints, and avoid wrinkles, bubbles, and gaps.

3. After using tapes

If the skin color changes, allergies, and other symptoms, take it off at once and take it off immediately after exercise.

If you are interested in out products such as sport bandages and sport support products, please come and check out our web site!

If you have questions or need more information,please contact us.
With good quality and reasonable prices, we have been selling to chain pharmacies, markets and supermarkets, and hospitals.



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