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Where to buy bandages?

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The main component of medical bandages in most pharmacies is degreased gauze, which is used for surgical injuries, sprains, bandaging and fixation after surgery. Injury is inevitable, so it is necessary for us to prepare bandages at home. Apart from pharmacies, do you know where to buy sport bandages? Our company's bandages have many loyal fans because of their good quality. I am happy to tell you where to buy our company's bandages.


Here is the list of the article:

l What are the bandages in our company?

l How to buy our company’s bandages?

l How to use bandages?

What are the bandages in our company?

There are two kinds of bandages in our company: cohesive bandage and non-woven cohesive bandage.

Cohesive bandage

The cohesive sports bandage is made of cotton with self-adhesive glue. It is suitable for tissue support, controlled compression, and securing applications. It can be used for exerting pressure on wounds to stop bleeding. Non-woven cohesive bandage is made of pure cotton, non-woven, elastic non-woven fabric, coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive or natural latex, and natural rubber, which will not irritate the skin. Because of its convenient use, it has been widely used in personal protection, and it can replace the ordinary bandage. This bandage can also replace the rubber plaster and medical gauze. The non-woven cohesive bandage has good air permeability, which is soft and comfortable. The fabric is soft, so that the wrapped parts felt comfortable, and the dressing process is also very convenient. It can be applied to any part of the dressing. Both kinds of bandages are hypoallergenic, highly stretched and economic.

How to buy our company’s bandages?

Our company, SUZHOU SUNMEDCO., LTD, which is located in Room 2001, Gold River International Centre, No.88 Shishan Rd., Suzhou, Jiangsu China 215011, is famous for the quality of our products. If you have a demand for bandages, please contact us. Our phone number is +86-521-68785856, the mobile phone number is +86-13812795048. You can also contact us online, please email You can also order online, our website is

How to use bandages?

1. Use cotton sleeves or cotton rolls on the bandaged area as a cushion, and more cotton sleeves or cotton rolls can be used in places that need to increase pressure or thin and bony

2. Wear protective gloves.

3. Open the package before use, place the polymer bandage in room temperature water for one to two seconds, and gently squeeze the bandage to remove excess water.

4. Spiral winding as required.

5. The curing time of the polymer bandage is 3-5 minutes.


We can promise that the bandages and other sport support products in our company are of high quality, you can feel free to contact us, we will spare no effort to meet all your requirements.

If you have questions or need more information,please contact us.
With good quality and reasonable prices, we have been selling to chain pharmacies, markets and supermarkets, and hospitals.



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